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Correction of the figure and elimination of cellulite by the device Vela Shape III

Vela Shape 3 - triple action for:
effective fight against cellulite, improve body contours and increase skin elasticity.

Vela Shape 3 - a device for the treatment of so-called "problem areas" of the body, without surgical intervention. The main purpose of Vela Shape 3 is to eliminate the signs of cellulite and improve the shape of the figure, as well as to increase the elasticity of the skin. Thanks to this unique device, it becomes possible, without surgery, to eliminate the most common aesthetic body defects known to most women.

The uniqueness of the procedure with VelaShape III is that it is characterized by simplicity, comfort, high efficiency, the absence of a recovery period, in addition, it is absolutely safe, since it is not an invasive therapy. At the same time, the course on Vela Shape 3 guarantees a noticeable stable result in a small number of sessions. Experts recommend regularly repeating courses of procedures on this unit.

Anti-cellulite apparatus Vela Shape 3

The VellaShape 3 installation is manufactured by Syneron, a company with vast experience in the development of ultra-modern and highly efficient apparatus for correcting body contours. The popularity of the Vela Shape brand has real reasons. Its effectiveness and safety were confirmed by:

  • more than ten years of clinical experience,
  • results of over ten clinical trials,
  • about five million procedures worldwide,
  • a huge number of publications in specialized publications.

Thanks to all this, the VellaShape installation is considered, by far, the most popular and widely known device for non-invasive improvement of body contours and reduction of volumes in the hips and waist. In addition, this facility has been approved by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration.

Features and advantages of the improved installation for figure correction and the fight against cellulite Vela Shape 3:

1. The device is powerful, therefore:

  • The duration of the session is only 15 minutes;
  • Body tissues heat up as deep as possible in a short period of time;
  • Noticeable results from the procedures appear after the fourth session;
  • Body volumes in problem areas are reduced by about two centimeters for each procedure.

2. Has a built-in temperature sensor that provides:

  • Continuous temperature control in the area of ​​the apparatus;
  • Guaranteed positive result from the procedure;
  • Security during the session.

3. Modern installation design that makes it:

  • Aesthetic: the device looks very modern and elegant, being an adornment of your beauty center;
  • Convenient: the system is easy to move, mobile, compact, fits perfectly in any office of a beauty salon;
  • Functional: it is possible to work on the device while standing and sitting, as well as supplement it with a special pedal for even greater convenience of the cosmetologist.

4. Convenient, 10-inch multi-touch Android interface and HD display, allowing:

  • Quickly, easily, intuitively configure or change the installation parameters before starting work or even in its process, thanks to a simple and affordable graphical interface.

5. Versatility and hygiene of the VContour applicator, thanks to three nozzle sizes:

  • Updated design RF electrode - improves the clear direction of energy to adipose tissue, as it contacts the skin surface as closely as possible;
  • Nozzles of three options (large, medium and small) are designed for best performance on all parts of the body;
  • For complete safety and hygiene, disposable tips are used for applicator nozzles.

6. Elimination of manifestations of cellulite thanks to the improved applicator VSmooth. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of various modes, namely:

  • Bipolar RF energy enhanced action.
  • Infrared light.
  • Vacuum nozzles for a clearer direction of energy.
  • The rollers providing improvement of lymphatic drainage.

Vela Shape technology is a synergy of energies (a combination of methods is used in the apparatus):

  • Heating adipose tissue to a depth of three millimeters thanks to infrared light (IR);
  • Deeper heating (up to 15 mm) provides bipolar radio frequency (RF);
  • The most accurate direction of energy with a vacuum nozzle;
  • Improving the outflow of lymph (lymphatic drainage) is achieved by massage rollers.

Principles of exposure Vela Shape 3

The Vela Shape 3 unit combines ELOS technology with infrared light and a bipolar radio frequency. Thanks to the vacuum nozzle, these types of energy can very accurately heat adipose tissue at a depth of three millimeters and fifteen millimeters, respectively.

As a result of heating and mechanical massage with rollers, blood circulation, lymph outflow, cell metabolism and collagen production are improved. Thus, the skin is rejuvenated, tightened, excess fat is removed, which significantly improves the appearance of problem areas and reduces body volume.

The results of cellulite removal procedures have clinical evidence

According to a performance analysis, after conducting over five million procedures around the world, as well as numerous clinical trials, the procedures on the Vela Shape apparatus have received confirmation of their effectiveness and safety.

Some facts:

  1. On average, after undergoing the procedure on Vela Shape 3, patients note a decrease in waist volume by two centimeters, hips - by one and a half centimeters;
  2. Recent studies have shown a reduction in volume (at least 1.5 cm) in patients in 100% of cases;
  3. The painlessness of the procedure itself and the period after it, the vast majority of clients surveyed noted.

According to the reviews of leading medical experts from the United States, with the help of Vela Shape they manage to consistently receive excellent results. So, according to the observations of Dr. Laurie Brightman (New York), most patients after the procedures achieved a reduction in the waist area by as much as five centimeters.


Зона впливу Час (мін.) Ціна (грн)
підборіддя (жін) 10 200
підборіддя (чол) 15 300
Шейно-грудной отдел (жін) 15 500
Шейно-грудной отдел (муж) 20 600
Руки трицепс (жін) 10 300
Руки трицепс (муж) 15 350
Спина (жін) 20 700
Спина (муж) 25 1000
Поясничный отдел (жін) 15 500
Поясничный отдел (муж) 20 600
Живот (жін) 15 500
Живот (муж) 20 700
Живот - передняя брюшная стенка (жін) 10 350
Живот - передняя брюшная стенка (муж) 15 450
Живот - боковые поверхности (жін) 12 350
Живот - боковые поверхности (муж) 15 450
Ягодицы (жін) 20 500
Ягодицы (муж) 20 600
Передняя поверхность бедра (жін) 7 250
Передняя поверхность бедра (муж) 7 350
Внутренняя поверхность бедра (жін) 5 200
Внутренняя поверхность бедра (муж) 7 300
Задняя поверхность бедра (жін) 7 250
Задняя поверхность бедра (муж) 7 350
Бёдра полностью (жін) 20 600
Бёдра полностью (муж) 20 800
Бёдра + ягодицы (жін) 25 900
Бёдра + ягодицы (муж) 25 1100
Бёдра + ягодицы + живот (жін) 40 1400
Бёдра + ягодицы + живот (муж) 45 1700